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Bimplus is your open BIM platform for the construction industry.

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Avoid uncoordinated information leading to errors and increased costs.


Overcome problem that different solution providers have different formats.

Change Management

Manage and avoid risk and errors as the number of revisions increases.

Any location

Access project data anywhere using mobile technology.

  • Mobile devices


Specialized apps

Specialized applications for the building industry support OpenBIM.

  • BIMPLUS Apps

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Information Management

Digital projects produce more information in a shorter timeframe.

Project Management

Projects and users need to be organized from the outset.

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We use Bimplus, because we want to deliver good projects

Andreas Haffter and Christian Mathies gained their first experience of using Bimplus with the Haus 10 project at the Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen.
We executed the tasks, made sections, wrote comments and the tree structure within the individual models and building structure was helpful for us. We were thus able to go through the building floor by floor and coordinate in detail.

WaltGalmarini AG
Andreas Haffter and Christian Mathies


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