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Centralized, OPEN BIM platform
for your building projects.

bim+ provides the BIM tools you need for a successful and cost-efficient building project:

Combine your models, Visualize them, run 3D Coordination and Design Review processes with your Architects, Engineers, Contractors, BIM Managers and Building Owners.

Solution Overview


All service providers involved such as clients, contractors, and planners can use their own, existing tools to feed their plans into the central project as well as benefit from an overview of collected building information right from the planning phase.


Architectural, static, TGA, environmental data, and any other spatial geometries can easily be used from various angles via a browser or an app on any terminal device in the office or elsewhere.

3D Coordination

Collisions with other trades are auto-matically identified and visualized (collision detection tool).

Building models or individual elements can easily be linked to additional information such as photos, documents, descriptions of problems, and suggested solutions.

Quality Control

Integrated, powerful, and centralized error and information management ensures the required overview. All information is up to date and none goes missing: Progress tracking, notifications, change management, construction sequences, tasks, collisions, problem management.

Customer Testimonials

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Contractors
  • BIM Managers
Customer from Munich, Germany

"I have all plans handy and anywhere available and it’s easy to view my models on the tablet."

Customer from Freiburg, Germany

"Usability and performance of the viewer is very good. I like their customer support."

Customer from Vienna, Austria

"Great service to easily collaborate with architects to share my structural analysis."

Customer from Zurich, Switzerland

"It was the first time using a tool like bim+. It was very simple to upload and view my MEP models combined with the other models like architecture. It was quite perfect to discover issues, collisions and clashes."

Customer from Muenster, Germany

"All project related information are stored in one single place and track all the issues from the construction site with it."

Customer from Paris, France

"I use the tool on off-site meetings and often receive positive feedback from all project participants. It even helps to avoid misunderstandings."

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