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Project Navigation - Navigation

Animation Window, Object Navigator, Task Board, Clash Detection, Project Slide Shows, Multi-Model Manager, Object Details and Attachments

Project Navigation - View Settings

Display models from different domains in a common view. Use transparencies and different colors to distinguish the individual BIM models.

Project navigation - View Controls

Measure lengths, Section the Models, hide Object(s), isolate objects, select view, reset viewport and create tasks

Model Management

  • Break models into smaller sub-models
  • Each sub-model can be assigned to individual objects with attachments
  • Supports many processes to help manage model data

Clash detection

  • Identify clashes
  • Coordinate & inform project members
  • Maintain full control over models coordination


Project members

  • Invite project members via e-mail
  • Control user access rights


  • Ensure project members are always informed
  • Create, retrieve and edit tasks directly
  • Place markers in the model
  • Attach comments
  • Attach hyperlinks 

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Coordinate Data

Project Management - Project Selection

Select projects from tiles, lists or OpenStreet map.

Project Management - Project Attributes

Add properties and attributes manually or using templates.

Project Management - Project Filters

Use filters to sort and search custom attributes. Save filters to apply to other projects quickly and efficiently.

Model Management - Add Models

From :

  • Allplan (2018 +) – Using the Pallet
  • Revit – Using the Revit Add-in App
  • Sketchup - Import .skp files
  • OpenBIM – IFC2.3 & IFC4 files

Model Management - Model Attributes

Enriched model data with additional properties and attributes

Model Management - Model Filters

Apply comprehensive filter criteria to provide a greater level of control and traceability of all models

Document Management - Add documents

Quickly access all project documents stored centrally on Bimplus such as contracts, plans, invoices, specifications, calculations etc.

Document Management - Document Attributes

Enriched documents with additional properties and attributes

Document Management - Document Filters

Apply comprehensive filter criteria to provide a greater level of control and traceability of all documents in your project


Object details & attachments

  • Access object-specific information
  • Add, amend, retrieve all object attributes and attachments
  • Add comments
  • Add hyperlinks

Project slideshows

  • Prepare individual presentations
  • Save perspectives of views as slides
  • Combine slides to form a slide show
  • Playing mode automatically sets the camera to the correct position for easy communication


Object navigation

  • Verify & validation model data
  • Interrogate attributes and attachments
  • group objects together
  • Apply custom filters
  • Isolated individual objects
  • Highlighted with user defined colors
  • Save and reuse filter criteria

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