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Connect multiple disciplines and enable model based collaboration on your construction projects.

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Efficient construction projects with Bimplus

Realize construction projects faster, more cost efficiently and with higher quality using Bimplus. Faster thanks to simultaneous, location-independent access for all involved in a project to the current planning status and defined tasks. More cost-effective and with higher quality, as planning inconsistencies can be identified and rectified before construction begins.

Discover your benefits with Bimplus

Project Control

  • Control and monitor BIM projects efficiently over its entire life-cycle
  • Effective & efficient project management
  • Track open and closed tasks

Integrate Data

  • Incorporate project data from any construction industry software
  • Merge, coordinate and review in a central model
  • Supports efficient project management


  • Establish discrepancies or collisions easily
  • Use the Task Board to quickly and clearly coordinate tasks
  • Maintain full control over all sub-models

Access project data

  • Access project data anywhere, at anytime on any device.
  • Bimplus is available when you need it

Bimplus for all disciplines to collaborate on building projects




Project Managers


Project Teams

Bimplus is targeted toward whole Project Teams that need to move to a data driven cloud-based collaboration environment.

Bimplus provides a full collaboration platform for the lifecycle of a project using a Model Data Environment allowing model databases to be unified across all disciplines.

Bimplus offers an open solution encouraging the development of project specific applications and is a platform for bringing relevant data together and sharing throughout all project disciplines. Bimplus has already attracted a number of partner developers and the ecosystem around this platform is expanding quickly and establishing a trusted partner network.

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